Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kinda Sorta What to Read | Traci Shupert Photography

I'm taking a stretch here on What to Read Wednesday, but I could not stand waiting any longer to share something I think is pretty cool. So, I'm calling this blog post my recommended reading for the week. (Shameless, I know!) :)

Let me take you on a journey back to my childhood. My parents had these friends they would get together with nearly every weekend to play cards. On one particular Sunday when I was probably around the age of 8, I was playing a game by myself in an adjacent room to where the adults were playing cards. My parents and their friends were unaware of my close proximity. I don't recall exactly what was said, but the words that entered my ears and mind were completely inappropriate for someone of my age to be hearing. 99.9% of the time as I child, I was a rule follower (and still am today). I knew that my parents should be alerted to my presence in the next room, and that I had heard every word. With my eight year old indignant voice, I said, "THERE'S KIDS IN HERE!" The words are now infamous, and will often come up in conversation when we're reflecting on my childhood.

What is the point of this little story? It's serves as background knowledge into my extraordinary ability to overhear conversations.

Fall 2009. I'm waiting in line at the post office which had recently been remodeled, but somehow is still unable to hold more than 10 people at a time. That bothers me. I digress. Back to the story. I've reached the front of the line, when I hear a conversation begin several people behind me. My radar ears immediately picked up on it. Here's how it went:

"You've got a lot of things you're mailing."
"Yes, I knit hats for newborns to sell."

Ding, ding, ding! I have got to talk to this lady, but it is now my turn to present myself to the postal worker to send my package on it's merry way. The postal worker asks the standard questions, "Is there anything hazardous, yada, yada, yada, in this package." But I'm not really paying attention because I'd much rather talk to the lady who knits hats for babies. As I'm paying for my postage, I gather up some boldness, turn around, and begin speaking to the knitter (I think I may have made up that name, but is there a technical name for people who knit? Let me know if you know.)

"I take photos of newborns and babies. Do you have a store in the area or a website I could go to?"

And that's the story of how I met Debi of Debi's Creations. This weekend I had the opportunity to take photos of her adorable work. She has a shop on Etsy (love that place!). Head on over and check it out.


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haha...pretty funny memories!

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