Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What to Read

As promised, I've got a book to spotlight that is sure to appeal to all ages! May I introduce you to the hilarity that is Parts by Tedd Arnold. The boy in this book takes everything he hears people say literally. I'll share just one example because I don't want to ruin the fun. When his dad says, "Give me a hand," he thinks he has to give his dad his hand! There are three books in this series - Parts, More Parts, and Even More Parts. Many laughs guaranteed as you read this book. The little boy's misunderstandings are a result of idioms. In case you don't remember, idioms are sayings that are figurative and cannot be taken literally - like "It's raining cats and dogs." As you're reading this with your loved one, feel free to teach them about the word idiom. If they already know what an idiom is, you could turn this into a fun writing activity. They could make their own book of idioms and illustrate pictures to go with it. I'm sure Tedd Arnold would be proud!

Last week, I shared about how important it is for kids to read books that interest them. In conjunction with interest, it is just as important for kids to spend most of their time reading books that are a good fit for them. By good fit, I mean books that kids can read most of the words and understand what they are reading by themselves. We know that using objects can often make an abstract concept more concrete for children. For example, you can compare finding good fit books to finding shoes that fit. Just because my foot measures as a size 9 does not mean that every size 9 shoe will fit. I have to try different shoes on and on and on until I find one that is a good fit. And that is OK because I don't want to walk around in ill-fitting shoes all day. Therefore, you may be in fourth grade, but that doesn't mean that "fourth grade books" are always going to fit. You have to try the books on for size.

I'm always on the lookout for good books, so feel free to drop me a comment and recommend one of your favorites for me to highlight. Happy reading!


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