Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday Sweet | Westview Senior Photographer

Sunday, I was privileged to spend the afternoon with this beautiful senior. She's a bff of my cousin (click here and here) and previous client (click here and here), and the sweetest person you'd ever meet. I don't think she would even hurt a fly! :) She saved me from electrocuting myself on an electric fence. And those eyes! If you've been following this blog, you know I have a thing for blue eyes (they make me jealous). As I was snapping away, I told her that I thought she looked like a certain celebrity. What do you think? Leave a comment about who you think she looks like. I {heart} comments. Thanks K for a sweet Sunday!


Steph Yoder said...

Hi Traci,
You did it again...another great photo shoot. I love checking out your website. You've got a knack girl on photography. Anyway, I think Kaylee reminds me of Brooke Shields. Kaylee does have beautiful sparkling blue eyes...just like her mom.
Thanks Steph Yoder

brenda lazzaro said...

Traci - you are truly a gifted artist! What a privilege to have you capture the heart of my first born in pictures. Thanks so much!

Traci Shupert Photography said...

Steph - that's exactly what I was thinking too! Great minds think alike! :)

Brenda - Thank you so much for those kind words. That's exactly how I want people to feel when they look at my work. Thanks!

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