Sunday, December 13, 2009

To the Dogs | Goshen Pet Photographer | Traci Shupert Photography

This weekend I had my very first pet session. These two, George and Myrtle, are the luckiest dogs in the world. They have great parents! They were very well behaved - sitting when they were told to sit, and posing for the camera.
This is Myrtle. Her tongue doesn't like to stay in her mouth. I was told in the summer it's out even more! She had a cute little head cocking action going on when we were talking to her. It's as if she was saying, "Give me a moment. I'm thinking about it."
This is George. George, George, George of the Jungle...I sang that to him (so sorry to my clients who have to hear me sing!), and he was like, "Lady, don't ya think I've heard that before?!" I had a fun morning with this duo and their parents.


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