Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Magic | What to Read Wednesday

This week's What to Read Wednesday is not so much about a book, but about what happens when we gather around a book. This photo is of my 87 year old grandpa and my 6 year old niece. 79 years apart, but closer than ever in this picture. There is something magical that happens during the shared experience of reading.

This might be my most favorite photo taken to date. Technically, it's not that great. But emotionally perfect! I'm sitting here looking at this photo and tears are blurring my vision. Tears filled with many emotions. My grandfather is an amazing man with an amazing memory! He can remember events from when he was as young as one. That's crazy?! I can barely remember what I did yesterday. He is internet and technology savvy - not afraid to try new things. And he is a reader through and through.

My grandparents, sister, and niece were over at our house last night for dinner. As we were sitting around the table listening to my grandparents share stories of their childhood, my niece found this book in my bookcase and brought it out for someone to read to her. Grandpa willingly volunteered to read the book, and the magic quickly spread its sweet aroma. I hope that one day my niece will tell her family about the time she was over at my house and read with her great-grandfather. That reading draws us together in a shared experience that lasts a lifetime.


Carla said...

Traci I LOVE this picture! Definitely tears blur my vision too when I think how sweet they are with all the kids :) Thanks for posting!

The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

Amazing photo traci...I'll take a "technically" imperfect shot with PERFECT emotion behind it ANY day....loooove it.


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